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Campaign Press Release 11 September 2013

Joanna LeighOn the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Joanna Leigh (at left), a victim of the Boston Marathon IED attack is calling on Congress to take actions that will work to reduce the proliferation of these indiscriminate weapons and help victims of IED attacks.

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Campaign Press Release 1 May 2013

A Joint Press Release AMVETS Blinded Veterans Association IED-logo(400x146) 2

HOUSE RESOLUTION 190: Ground Breaking Congressional Action Condemns Improvised Explosive Devices and the Boston Marathon Bombing.  

Representative Richard Hanna (R-NY)  has introduced a bill to set the United States on the path to being the leader in reducing the global threat from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) such as those used in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

UPDATE (21 July 2013): 42 Representatives have now agreed to co-sponsor H. Res. 190.  In addition the Global Campaign has new endorsements from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Rolling Thunder, Inc., and the St. Louis Fire Department.

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U.S. House Letter on Veteran and Military Suicide

On March 4, 2013 fifty-three members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Hagel and Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs Shinseki calling for them to share blast-trauma related research and add important areas of inquiry to the National Mortality Study on veterans investigate the linkages from blast-trauma, low level traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other IED effects on suicides. According to the most recent data, active duty personnel committed suicide at a rate of almost one every day in 2012. Last year, 18 to 22 veterans are estimated to have committed suicide every day.


U.S. House Letter to President Obama


UPDATE (14 Nov 2012): The Obama administration responds and Representative Gallegly rejects the response as inadequate.

Thanks to the leadership of Congressmen Elton Gallegly, 69 Members of the House signed the Letter to President Obama which was delivered on May 3, 2012. On June 4, 2012, under the leadership of Congressman James Himes (D-CT), 23 more members of the House requested the President add their names to the Letter. This brings the total signatories to 92 representing 28 states, American Samoa and the Virgin Islands. Action on a similar letter from the United States Senate is on-going.


Campaign Objectives

The IED has become a very effective weapon for those who advance their cause through terror and violence. If you exclude Iraq and Afghanistan, there are on average, three IED incidents each day in the remainder of the world. In 2010 these IEDs killed and wounded 7747 civilians. This amounts to a global epidemic of IED use. Military-focused solutions to this problem have not been and likely will not be successful. A global more wholistic approach is required.

The Campaign's objective is to reduce the use of IEDs at a global level by (1) neutralizing local IED networks and (2) preventing new, effective IED networks from forming. Our approach consists of three core elements...


Campaign Update: Landmines and IEDs

 Recently the Global Campaign was asked to write an op-ed column for breakingdefense.com.  During preparation of the column we were asked to clarify the relationship between landmines and IEDs.  This question arose specifically in the context of U.S. House Resolution 190 and our observation that the United Nations issues an annual resolution condemning landmines.


IEDs A Global Problem: Fact Sheet

According to National Counterterrorism Center’s Worldwide Incident Tracking Systems (WITS) there will be, on average, 119 IED incidents each month in 2011—not counting Iraq and Afghanistan. This is more than double the 53 IED incidents each month five years previously in 2006.


Video: Wootton Bassett Town - Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

Ian Anderson and Bob Morris

This video is made possible by the generosity of Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) who allowed us the use of his song Wootton Bassett Town from his Thick as a Brick 2 Album.

Wootton Bassett Town is the community in England where military personnel killed in the line of duty are repatriated.  The story of this town’s actions in honoring the fallen sets an example for us all.


The Campaign Logo

With assistance from The Graffiti of War Project, one of our Global Campaign partners, Michael Figueroa, a combat veteran in their program designed the logo for the Global Campaign against IEDs.