5 Pros and 5 Cons of Samsung Galaxy S3

Which are the things to be admired in Samsung Galaxy S III and where is more work to be done? The new Android smartphone from Samsung has exceeded expectations in some ways, and the public managed to create a lot of debate across the Android market place. And yet, Galaxy S III is not a perfect product. There are areas where Samsung could also make for a possible upgrade.

If you are still undecided and do not know to what to chose – HTC Galaxy One X or S III, here some tips:

1. Super AMOLED display with 4.8 inch diagonal

There is no necessarily first pro thing because I’d put them all on the same level. I had to start somewhere and I said it’s got to start with the one thing you see first: the display. 720 x 1280 pixels Super AMOLED 4.8 inch diagonal makes a great tool for browsing and multimedia use. Colors are vivid, contrast is good. Responds instantly to commands. Finally it is a pleasure to use.

2. Battery life

It turned out that the choice of a battery of 2100 mAh was an excellent choice for Galaxy S III, measured battery life reaching 10 hours of video playback or browsing. In fact, with judicious use Galaxy S III can be used easily an entire work day with active an data connection.

3. Performance

Galaxy S III is the most powerful Android smartphone of the moment. The benchmarks don’t lie. Just about everything you do on it happens instantly. You may put the great advantage that unlike HTC X One, Galaxy S III does not heat up when used intensively.

4. Software services: sensors, voice, games, AllShare

Samsung Galaxy S III brings a wide choice of services and software enhancements that together create a pleasant user experience. The use of smart sensors (motion, microphone, camera) that make intelligent device is a notable aspect. Has to work right.

AllShare integration means a lot to whom has Samsung networked home systems. Otherwise operation is somewhat limited although the concept stands.

5. microSD

In addition to the 16/32 GB available for storage, Galaxy S III has a microSD slot for those who want more. I know that however much free memory you have, it becomes insufficient at some point. So I appreciate the opportunity to expand.

1. Case material

Unquestionable the biggest negative aspect that I see on Galaxy S III is related to the white plastic case model. It is very thin and on top of that it’s too bright and shiny. Any trace of fingers remain visible and unpleasant. When you compare the HTC One X, iPhone 4S orNokia Lumina 900, Samsung Galaxy S III is far behind.

2. Design

A personal preference maybe: I expected for Samsung Galaxy S III to come with a special design not only to tweak the Galaxy Nexus. S III should be something special.

3. TouchWiz and bugs

Although highly changed, TouchWiz UI is not consistent. In one way looks the list of applications, in another style the phone module and other look for custom applications. It is true that there are not as many bugs as in previous versions. They still exist and I am convinced that you will not want to reset your smartphone from time to time because because lockscreen’s interface is oriented wrong and you can not unlock the device.

4. It is not unibody

The trend in the way smartphones are built is obvious: unibody. Apple set the tone, then Nokia and HTC came out with models built compact. Galaxy S III has a metal reinforcement around the edges to ensure a more or less compact structure. Until you want to remove the card and you see the caseing : a thin plastic that you are afraid to touch.

5. The display is not the best in bright sunlight

No matter how good the Super AMOLED display is, the color rendition and especially the black, has a drawback: in bright sunlight is not providing the best experience. Especially if compared with the LCD2 on One X.



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