Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Review, Price and Swatch

Hey all beauties, hope you are enjoying reading my blog. Today for the first time I will be posting a lotd and am quite excited about it. Initially I never used to click lotds, as I was bit shy about it. So further also when you see my lipstick reviews they wont necessarily have lotd, reason being my pigmented lips. However today I have come across one such lip product which genuinely hides all the pigmentation and gives its true colors to your lips. Let me tell you I haven’t ever tried MAC lipsticks yet, but yeah I found these similar to them if I compare the coverage.

So today I am going to review a lip crayon set which I picked up during my last USA trip, this is Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix. This is a set of 4 crayons from Bite Beauty. You can pick these crayons individually as well, however since I was new to this brand I went ahead and picked up a set. These are not full sized but they are sufficiently good because one single full sized lip crayon from Bite Beauty is priced at $24.00 and the size they provide is 0.09oz.

Price : $25.00 for 0.20 oz [0.05 oz each lip crayon, it consists of 4 such crayons].

About Bite Beauty : Bite Beauty is a natural lip care company who strives to create such lipsticks which not only provide high performance but are healthy for any woman to eat them too.

About Bite Beauty Best Remix:

The set of 4 lipcolors come in a metallic box which is red in color, this can be carried around easily. It also has a regular outer cardboard cover, which displays all the information like the colors and the ingredients.

When you open up the metallic box, there is a mirror inside as well, which is useful for touch ups while on the go.

The 4 colors here are : Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Sable, Winterberry. The texture of these lip crayons is amazing, you don’t need to put a lip balm below as they are quite moisturizing. Also they don’t settle down in fine lines. What I observed and loved the most about this lip crayon was the ability to hide pigmentation and imparting the proper color to your lips. The finish is something called as “modern matte”, that’s how Bite Beauty describes it. Its neither glossy nor a complete matte. I loved its texture and these colors are such which can be carried on to a work place as well. I liked that they didn’t include any frosty kind of colors in this set.

Following are the swatches of the lip crayons. From left to right: Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Sable, Winterberry


I loved all the colors, initially I felt the center two colors Rhubarb and Sable might wash out my face, however I found them perfect when I had them on my lips. I would describe the four colors as below:

Pomegranate: It’s a rich red color, which has got some blue undertones. When blended well it leaves a pinkish trace too. It’s the brightest color amongst the four. The payoff is good, also it gives a perfect glow to your face. Its staying power is around 5-6 hours with full meals.

Rhubarb: This is kind of plum color more towards pink rosy shade. The finish is great and gives a full coverage. I found this suitable for daily wear as it is not too bright on skin. This kind of stays up to 4 hours with one full meal.

Sable: I would describe this as nude color lip crayon. It glides easily and the coverage is nice as well. I feel however this needs a touchup after 3 hours or so.

Winterberry: I would describe this as a color close to berries. Red colored berries with slight pink undertones would somehow result in such colors. I loved this the most, a perfect lip color for my skin tone, and I wear this most of the times. You can see how it actually suits my face perfectly. This lip crayon lasts for 4-5 hours easily with full meals.

Following are my LOTDs for all the lip crayons. Well sorry for not smiling when Sable was on. was in bit hurry while clicking the picture. Also ignore my so visible dark circles.

Over all I loved the lip crayon set, as well as all the colors, their pigmentation and of course the price tag. It’s worth every penny.


* Good range of colors.
* Full coverage, hides pigmentation.
* Does not dry out the lips.
* Does not settle into fine lines.
* Easy to apply, glides smoothly.
* Affordable when bought as a set


* Availability [this set is not available online on Sephora now, though its available on other websites for higher price tag]

IGB Rating : 4/5


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