Campaign Update 22 Mar 2012

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This week has seen us gather a great deal more support for the Letter from Members of Congress to President Obama on IEDs and other areas of the Global Campaign against IEDs. As of Monday, March 19, 2012 the list we have from Representative Gallegly’s Office includes 15 signatories for the letter.

Many more House and Senate continue to Staff it and express interest in joining this impressive, diverse bi-partisan group.

Signatories now include representatives from key house committees including: Foreign Affairs, Armed Services, Homeland Security, Veteran´s Affairs, Ways and Means, Judiciary, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Small Business, Oversight and Government Reform, Education and Workforce, Transportation and Infrastructure, Budget, Agriculture and Natural Resources. The response underscores the true bi-partisan nature of this effort and what all Members should lend their voice to standing against IEDs.


The “Dear Colleagues” letter was circulated again on March 19th, and we will continue to collect signatures at least until March 30th.


The Ambassadors from Germany and Norway will now provide representatives to our initial session in Washington on April 3, 2012. Germany is reaching out to other embassies to endorse the event and promote attendance.


We have several opportunities to attend our sessions at GovSec 2012 April 3-4 in Washington, D.C.  The Global Campaign against IEDs will host two panels at the event:

The Global IED Epidemic: Much More than Just a Military Problem (April 3, 2012: Time: 3:15PM – 4:15PM). Panel Members include:

  • Gerald Gahima – Former Chief Justice of the Rwanda Supreme Court and key figure in stopping the 1980 Rwanda Genocide.
  • BG(P) Austin Miller – Deputy Director, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)
  • COL (Ret) Bob Morris (Moderator) – Global Campaign against IEDs
  • Jim Young – Google

The Power of Social Media in Combating Terrorism (April 4, 2012: Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM).  Panel Members Include:

  • Gerald Gahima – Former Chief Justice of the Rwanda Supreme Court and key figure in stopping the 1980 Rwanda Genocide.
  • LTG (Ret) Francis H. Kearney, III – Former Deputy Director, Strategic Operations Planning at the National Counter-Terrorism Center
  • COL (Ret) Bob Morris (Moderator) – Global Campaign against IEDs
  • Chief of Police (Ret) David Peck – Former Chief of Police, Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Steve Ressler – Founder, GovLoop
  • Jim Young – Google

Although the Global Campaign against IEDs and Partners International foundation as neutral parties and non-profit entities are not affiliated with GovSec, its organizers, or vendors in any way, GovSec has agreed to support the Global campaign´s work through in-kind donations.

If you wish to attend, you have several options:

  • FREE Events only (does not include the two IED Panels): Register through the GovSec website using the Promotion Code: EXPO02
  • FREE events and our IED panels: Register through the GovSec website using the Promotion Code:  EXPO02  when you register AND notify us by email at so we can add your name to the access roster.
  • ALL GovSec Events: Register through the GovSec website using the Promotion Code:  CONF21 to receive a 10% discount.
  • Invitation only event: contact me directly by email.


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