Can I Find Free Forex Trading Software?

Forex trading software can get very expensive through some websites, especially when they include training, guidance, brokerage fees and commissions, and more (sometimes extraneous) costs. So there is always that inevitable person who asks: can I find free forex trading software? The real question you should be asking is: should I want to find free forex trading software?

There are, of course, advantages to free forex trading software. First off, quite plainly, it’s free; it doesn’t cost you a penny. Also, this usually means it’s easily accessible and easily downloadable, probably with a small file size. Chances are, it’s also very easy to use-since it was probably easily put together by someone hoping to sell you something else entirely. But really, the advantages of free software end there.

The disadvantages may go on a little longer. Firstly, free forex trading software means that whoever made it knew they weren’t going to be paid all that much from this software, if anything at all. That means that they probably didn’t put in as much effort as the people who get paid a percentage every time their software is sold. Secondly, the training that goes with the free software could be subpar; it is likely the sort of information that is readily available all over the internet. That means that whoever did this doesn’t really know the market-they just threw together some lessons from a variety of weblogs and other sources.

Granted, some free software and free information can be quite useful, even profitable in the long run. But when looking at such things, you have to be careful and make sure that it really is worth it. Also, you need to look at the supplying company separately from the information; if free forex trading software and courses are provided, they probably want you to sign up for something-you probably shouldn’t just sign up straightaway until you’ve analyzed the company to discern if what you’re signing up and paying for will end up helping you in the future. Just because someone gave some good information once doesn’t mean they always will.

A good test is of the company’s own actions and investments: why take free forex trading software from a company that deals almost exclusively in futures? If you really want the best software out there, you should look only at the forex companies, not any others. Always do your research before accepting free software from a company, or even free information, for that matter. Make sure you know why it’s free, and what you’re giving up by taking that software or information. Bad software can result in losses in the future, not to mention the threat to your computer.

So maybe you should want free forex trading software. But always gauge whether or not it’s worth it for you before you start looking for it-because good software will be much harder to find if it’s free, and you never know when you’ll stumble upon something troublesome. “Normal” software may be more expensive, but at least you can usually guarantee a solid product..


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