Download GTA V Mod Apk + OBB Data Latest Version

Grand Theft Auto Vice City has become the most successful and outstanding game in the video game industry since its release. It has a sizable influence on computer gaming, and it is played by nearly everyone who enjoys playing video games. The official GTA V games from Rockstar Games are available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Today, we’ll demonstrate how to update GTA V mod apk. Additionally, we will provide you with an apk file for your Android device, as well as any other data necessary to run Grand Theft Auto V on your smartphone.

Download GTA V Mod Apk + OBB Data Latest Version

GTA V is not a light game; it requires extensive setup and high-quality visuals, which the developers struggled to achieve.

Bear in mind that, according to the developers, GTA V is not yet available for Android users.

Information about the GTA V Mod Apk File


How do you download Grand Theft Auto V to your Android phone or tablet?

GTA V Mod Apk File Specifications

GTA V is one of the greatest video games ever created, and if you haven’t played it yet, you may be unfamiliar with its mechanics. However, if you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox, you’re likely familiar with the features. In any case, these are the features included in the smartphone edition of Grand Theft Auto V.

– High-Definition High-Definition Graphics – Excellent Game Control – The characters, vehicles, and other items have been designed to provide a realistic experience. – Vehicles such as cars, buses, and tanks have significantly more power than in previous Grand Theft Auto games. – A never-ending supply of new and exciting missions, as well as numerous others.

Download GTA 5 Mod Apk

The file measures approximately 18MB in size.

To install GTA v mod apk on your computer, you’ll need a device running Android 4.0 or higher and a sufficient amount of free storage space.

How do you download Grand Theft Auto V to your Android phone or tablet?

You must follow these steps in order to update Grand Theft Auto V on your Android smartphone. To begin, download the required apk files from the requirements section. Following the completion of the update, you may begin the installation phase by performing the first move.

Step 1: Open and install the GTA V Mod apk file that you downloaded. If this is the first time you’ve installed an apk file on your Android device, you may be prompted for permission. In this case, enable “Unknown Sources.”

Phase 2: Continue clicking on the subsequent choices and granting them permission to load files. That is all.

Stage 3: Once the installation is complete, the “GTA V” icon will appear on your screen. By clicking on it, you can play the game. As you can see below, we took a screenshot prior to starting the game.


GTA is an enjoyable game, and playing it on Android would be an even better experience. We hope our GTA V game download link works on your smartphone and that you also understand how to download and update GTA V on your Android device. The procedure is straightforward. Thus, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Install GTA V mod apk and enjoy the application.


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