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In industrial application, silk screen printing factory can face some non- ordinary requirements frequently, peculiar surface configuration, size, fiber, material make up, and this screen print numerous one fraction test, processing factory face just. Whether the silk can become the first-selected way in industrial application to print, depend on whether it could meet these requirements, this will bring the equivalent profit to the manufacturer too.

Seal a not data plate, oven faceplate or film switch 96223767 produced in batches most difficult to print in industrial application, but control panel and box. But level metal parts, control panel and other the intersection of heavy industry and functionality of assembly than getting ornamental and conspicuous, pattern too relatively simple, 1-2 the intersection of trade mark and structure of color usually, nearly all kinds of product this come polishing or blow the sand, process into through metallize. What is seal one of the really unusual and challenge silk screen printing factory on earth? It should be a print picture on the bolt, insert, trap door, protrusion, first class outstanding surface of socket.

The traditional printing method can’t meet the printing requirements of these products, but the modified silk can well solve these problems to print technology. Generally, there are 3 kinds of main printing ways of warning the slogans in the commercial installation: Pad printing, pasting the ceramic decalcomania paper or screen printing directly. Ink jet printing, computer wash imaging, etches and can also consider, but unwise.

Technology of pad printing

As to the irregular surface, print the association of dealers and consider pad printing at first. However, in most situations, pad printing is not the good solution. Though the suitable curved surface of pad printing is printed, must be a concave and convex face levelled that it demands to bear and print the surface of things, so to the industrial articles that we said, pad printing was not applicable. Moreover, the printing breadth and quantity of pad printing can’t meet the requirement for this kind of printed matter.

The plate change cost of pad printing is another question, the silk screen can be kept for a long time and utilized again, but pad printing printing plate life time is only probably 12 months. Generally speaking, pad printing is only suitable for printing the embossed surface levelled, and unsuitable to print form, button, switch,etc., so, the industrial application discussing as to here is unsuitable.

Ceramic decalcomania paper

Printing trader’s regular meeting chooses the making that the ceramic decalcomania paper finishes some printed matters without very good solution. As to bear, print thing is can until the ceramic decalcomania paper male mold cut out the opening together often while being external while being special, in order to abdicate the special external position, or use many small-scale ceramic decalcomania paper in order to avoid the special surface.

The silk is printed, the mould is cut and the high-quality decalcomania paper to such small products which print quantity, it is a kind of cost that is wasted. Even if adopt the number to print, the model cuts the apparatus, the cost is still considerable, and unable to ensure the quality of products. In addition, it is not usually takedown once ceramic decalcomania paper is applied to the Console or instrument and equipment, make the ceramic decalcomania paper limited on adjustability like this. Because while using the ceramic decalcomania paper, no matter which kind of adhesive you use must use the fixed equipment of the rivet. In another aspect, there is not this worry in the direct printing label.

Screen print

Screen print, seem not to be fit for this kind of job. Because the screen will be born on the protruding surface which print the thing and exposed, even the protruding surface is not sharp, the screen will present the screen and relax or draw and deform picture and text too when exposed to with it. The problem lies in how to overcome this question.

It is the key to solving this problem to make appropriate screen. Method to reserve cavity, with bearing and printing things and fully keeping in touch during printing screen of enabling in the intersection of screen and corresponding place. But such revision will make the printing course become and produce manually, quality and size resulting in printing the picture are apt to change, so, the printing quantity of these products require less than 1000, even is lower than 100.

Printing equipment

Just as above-mentioned, when screen printing the ornamental craft used for products manually, need to standardize the printing equipment, mainly follow some following requirements:

1. Accurate positioning;

2. Guarantee it is fixed on screen system that the screen is stable;

3. Guarantee it is accurate that the lifting gear of the screen hoists or lower the position;

4. Printing a system can accept the device of different rules is allocated.

In most printing factories, these parameters of the printer are according to being used to the self-defining ink eraser.

Install one or more of ink erasers in a printing unit. These chasings demand to have appropriate tool-holder, M moderate hardness and chasing blade. If need to use the soft chasing (such as the surface of printing wrinkle, it is crooked and too big to choose the rigid work bar soon in order to avoid the blade.


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