Make Your Products Known by A Million People Effective Marketing Strategies

Don’t wait at home for your customers to come and buy your products; remember, they are used to choose which to buy through their experiences and what their friends and family members tell them. Here I have some tips about marketing, hope they are helpful to you.

The recommended marketing strategy we are going to talk about is EDM, Email Direct Marketing. The marketing mails we make usually consist of 3 types. The first one is notification type.

Notification Type

Notification type is usually used to notice the customers your new activity, for instance, upgrades or modifies of your website. This kind of mails contains more words than pictures, and its target is often your registered customers. Sometimes, we use notification mails especially when we have no promotional sales for a long time, and to some extend the notification mails express our voices “You haven’t visit our website since last month, why don’t you come and shop around? I promise you won’t regret.” During my tests, I found out that notification mails with portrait are more believable than those without portraits. The portraits can be your CEOs, chairmen or other senior leaders. Make sure the portraits are friendly and professional.

Invitation Type

The second type of marketing mails is invitation. From the name you can easily guess this kind of emails is for attracting and inviting new users to register as your users. As a result, invitation mails have to be designed with great care. It’s the pioneer who drags the customers’ attentions, thus the importance and significance of invitation mails can be ignored in no way. In invitation mails, you exhibit the best and most competitive products and try your best to make your website more reliable because it’s a totally strange one to the receivers. Nowadays, we often add SNS icon at the bottom of a mail, such as twitter, face book or my space. This is convenient but one thing has to be mentioned here is that adding these SNS icons would increase the possibilities of being judged as a junk mail.

Sales Promotion Type

The third type of mails is mostly used during


. Sales promotion mails are usually designed in order to show the unique products and attractive discounts or prices. When sending sales promotion mails, don’t use words like “free”, “free shipping”, or “low price”, they are not attractive anymore and likely to arouse dislike. Don’t emphasize your prices too much; you know that sometimes low prices give the feelings of low qualities, too. Finally, remember to keep a balance between pictures and words. Too many pictures increase the junk mail risk; meanwhile too many words make readers lose their patient.


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