Making the Most of Press Releases

As a business you often have to release press releases to inform news sites and bloggers of your latest news. This can be announcements of new products for sale, changes in important people within the company or even awards that have been won. They can be comments on news that have been put out, but in short they are a way to get your statement out into the world of the internet and have news about your company not only potentially on the news websites but actually in print.

This is of course good for advertising and done right it will get more attention for the news you are trying to propagate. One thing it must also do though is be used for SEO, back linking and exposure of your company. Press releases are more important than just the information that they are providing they also provide the press/blogger with keywords and connections to your company and your desired pages on your own site.

The use of Press Releases
The first thing to do is of course to get the content right. This is important as it not only has to be good quality but presented in a way that entices the press and potential readers to actually take notice. Keywords must be added to this for SEO purposes, to get the attention of the search spiders that will be crawling over the internet to find important pages. These important pages will of course be the “news items” that have been created by using your press release, and if the keywords that you have placed within the release are being used this will of course find their attention.

Remember that this press release will no doubt be on your site too, so be sure to use media that will entice the reader to visit the page for the information. Use SEO friendly images and videos to add to the statement and above all make sure that everything that is included is done to a professional standard. Press releases are above all some of the most important announcements that you can make and all eyes will be on these so that information can be pulled out of them. This is of course why the information must be there. Remember also that after the main announcement you must provide details for the editors with information about your company and any other company/product that has been mentioned within. These areas are also good to provide the excuse to add keywords too remember, which will be keywords connected to the subject at hand.

Press releases have one important goal in the end and that is to share news that will be propagated by many people of both the press and the blogger world, and never forget the use of social media to share the news. Catch the readers interest and sell yourself in it, be sure to not oversell though, there is of course a balance. The people you are aiming the information at read these things every day and often go over the information with a fine-toothed comb, so be sure to make it truthful. The important factors are, just like with any other SEO friendly piece of content, make it quality, to the point, do not stray off topic and be sure to catch the eye of your audience.


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