Microsoft Courier Team has developed many of Apple iPad’s Applications

A developer team which had been associated with Microsoft’s project called “Courier” is now become associated with other projects belonging to other companies, as they are producing or developing applications for Apple tablets. The new dual-screen technology for tablets is growing its way for Apple iPads. The Microsoft Courier team is now part of this animation. They are developing new applications for Apple iPad. There are few ex-project members, including some former colleagues who have associated with Microsoft Xbox are now designing and developing new application, Paper. The “paper” project was by former “courier” team member Mr. J.Allard, who is now set free to work for Apple and develop new applications for their iconic tablets.

Initially, it was the courier’s target to develop such applications who come with dual screen technology for tablets. It is was sanctioned in the year 2010 by Microsoft Corporation, then the stopped this project. Pioneer studios were assigned the responsibilities for such developments like Zune, and mobile, etc.

The individuals, who had been slumped down when Pioneer Studios were rigorous, but Allard advises and finances the development. He had been leading the shepherding pioneer studios, as he was the chief experience officer at Microsoft. When the Courier project was stopped by the Microsoft Corporation, Allard has left the company that forces the fail of Pioneer Studios at Microsoft Corporation.

It was him who had a one-two-one with Bill Gates for a final assessment of the aptness of “Courier” to the Microsoft domain. Eventually, Allard never convinced Bill Gates. The chief withering issue was the lack of correspondence support, while Courier was not planned to be a desktop substitute of any kind. The concept behind “courier” was to set a tool in the hands of system architects and developers. He was initially hired, in the end, to draw in Apple adherents. Actually, other Microsoft Employees had a bit of derision for Alland, because he was the person who personally used iPod and Mac.

It could be before the launch of iPad3 that Microsoft’s courier would had been ready to launch in the market. Somehow, it couldn’t be done, even if they are thinking about competing at the level where Apple is standing right now, they will definitely find themselves far behind in this game of dual screen technology. This is not seems to be good for Microsoft Corporations. Any ways, Microsoft is more focusing on Windows 8.


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