Mobile Marketing Miami

What does this mean for a local business?

Well, the possibilities are enormous! Let’s say a tourist is searching for “Best Sushi in Miami Beach” on her iPhone. She would be doing this on one of many search apps, and when she turns the app on or throughout her search little banners will appear; it could say “Freshest Sushi on the Beach” and when she clicks on it a map with the restaurant’s location, phone number, and website appears.

Or someone in Coral Gables searches for “Italian restaurants.” We can create for you a banner that says, “Hungry? Gatto’s Pizza delivers,” or something to that effect. The phone number of your pizzeria in Coral Gables appears with the ad text and the searcher clicks on it and your phone rings. You take his order and deliver him the pie!

This is called “Click to Call” and has proven to be very effective. This is perfect for salons, as well. Imagine a woman is looking for “Keratin Treatment Coconut Grove.” We’ll create banners that display a message and the name of your salon and all she has to do is touch it and she calls in for an appointment!

If you have an e-commerce site this is also highly effective. When anyone is searching for a certain product on their smart phone, we can create a banner that links directly to your sales page. They tap on the link and go to your page to order. This is so much cheaper than Google Adwords.

Another tremendous application of mobile marketing is lead generation. For example, a realtor could write an attractive, informative report on how to buy short sale condos. Anyone searching on a smart phone for information about short sales in Miami could see a banner that says, “Enter your email for the free report.” He then receives the report to his email and immediately sees a thank you screen on his phone that leads to your website with your phone number and photos of great deals on short sale condos.

Oh, and the best part is that it is cheap! These clicks only cost you five to ten cents and you decide what your daily budget is, what time the ads run, the demographics of the viewer, and the city. The time to get in on this is now before everyone else does and the prices go way up! We can set all this up for you and manage it so that you don’t have to do anything technical. You just reap the rewards of the leads and calls that flow in; we’ll send you a weekly report with all the statistics so that you can see exactly how great your ROI is for mobile marketing. Then we’ll improve it.


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