Make Your Products Known by A Million People Effective Marketing Strategies

Don’t wait at home for your customers to come and buy your products; remember, they are used to choose which to buy through their experiences and what their friends and family members tell them. Here I have some tips about marketing, hope they are helpful to you.

The recommended marketing strategy we are going to talk about is EDM, Email Direct Marketing. The marketing mails we make usually consist of 3 types. The first one is notification type.

Notification Type

Notification type is usually used to notice the customers your new activity, for instance, upgrades or modifies of your website. This kind of mails contains more words than pictures, and its target is often your registered customers. Sometimes, we use notification mails especially when we have no promotional sales for a long time, and to some extend the notification mails express our voices “You haven’t visit our website since last month, why don’t you come and shop around? I promise you won’t regret.” During my tests, I found out that notification mails with portrait are more believable than those without portraits. The portraits can be your CEOs, chairmen or other senior leaders. Make sure the portraits are friendly and professional.

Invitation Type

The second type of marketing mails is invitation. From the name you can easily guess this kind of emails is for attracting and inviting new users to register as your users. As a result, invitation mails have to be designed with great care. It’s the pioneer who drags the customers’ attentions, thus the importance and significance of invitation mails can be ignored in no way. In invitation mails, you exhibit the best and most competitive products and try your best to make your website more reliable because it’s a totally strange one to the receivers. Nowadays, we often add SNS icon at the bottom of a mail, such as twitter, face book or my space. This is convenient but one thing has to be mentioned here is that adding these SNS icons would increase the possibilities of being judged as a junk mail.

Sales Promotion Type

The third type of mails is mostly used during


. Sales promotion mails are usually designed in order to show the unique products and attractive discounts or prices. When sending sales promotion mails, don’t use words like “free”, “free shipping”, or “low price”, they are not attractive anymore and likely to arouse dislike. Don’t emphasize your prices too much; you know that sometimes low prices give the feelings of low qualities, too. Finally, remember to keep a balance between pictures and words. Too many pictures increase the junk mail risk; meanwhile too many words make readers lose their patient.


Making Money In Facebook

The social network platform of Facebook is the next big multi level tool for making money online. It offers both, Quick and fast easy money and the more stable long term steady income possibilities. here are some of the methods deployed to making money in facebook.

These days, many internet based business’s have seen the light and are utilising the potential for selling their stuff and making money in facebook. From consumer products, retail outlets, travel agencies and food business’s, facebook is the new place to find more customers. Being so user friendly and popular, there is no better way to communicate with potential customers than the methods used for making money in facebook. Of course it is entirely up to each business owner to feature a presence on Facebook. However there are still people who say that Facebook is not meant for this purpose and may cause more harm to a business for its presence, but on the other hand, more and more business’s are realizing the changing structure of Facebook itself and with a little research can tap into the ever increasing softwares that are being created especially for the business seller, ideally making tactics and campaigns ultra organized. For example, eBay has a unique application meant especially for their Facebook users. Another is Radical Buy, which is an application that immediately posts products and makes it visible in the customers’ walls. There are also specialized applications like Music Blaster, Flame Tunes and Lemonade. More and more specialized software and applications are being developed all the time. Making money in Facebook is not only limited to selling products. One can sell their services online as well. There are several application developments catering to this sericing side of things and there is also a growing platform of online trading companies and banks to manage such services. Paypal has integrated software for Facebook as an example. Application Development plays an important role in making money in Facebook. For instance making money in facebook itself is a lucrative method and looking around your facebook pages you will find their offerings. You will see that they offer money to people for helping with application designs and ideas. And ofcourse there is a huge and growing Advertising factor to the making money in facebook theme. Even third parties continue to post positions online for developing different applications for their companies. As of lately, there are still very few people solely dedicated to the developing of applications. It will therefore not be a problem to find potential customers. Programming has become a very important aspect of company lead generation lately and most applications reach several thousands. And again more and more related programming ways are being invented for even the non technical every day punter to be making money in facebook, simply by following the instructions and coming up with good ideas.

One of the best ways for making money in Facebook is Affiliate marketing.. there is a growing platform for advertisers to make facebook ads and promote affiliate products which is much the same as Google adsense and Google adwords but with some major differences one being that Facebook does not use java technology. Many large companies have jumped onboard to Facebook advertising services and they have led the way for others. And again you will find more and more companies will be joining the band wagon creating yet more potential for making money in facebook. Most of these work on a commission basis which means that when someone buys a product or service that your wall is promoting, then the owner of the wall will receive a large portion of the revenue. Sometimes companies don’t even need for their products to be bought. Most of the time what’s needed is a form of action such as people trying their product or generating leads for those companies. A Call to Action or CTA So there you have it, What once was a simple social networking site to send messages to your friends is quickly becoming a major player in online business and there is most certainly many ways to be making money in Facebook today and tommorrow and the next day and for manymore days, months and years to come. So if you thought there was no way to be making money in facebook. Think again!


Make your iPhone Camera Even Better With These Devices

An iPhone user can upgrade their camera with a number of devices.
There’s no need to have more than one camera to capture certain images at a high quality. What are some of the best attachments to purchase? It really all depends on the overall goal a person has whether it be capturing portraits or nature shots. Here are a few ideas to help an interested buyer get some ideas. The Bubblescope is a camera that provides a 360 degree pictures and videos. The images can be posted on a social network and are known as “bubbles”. This device is small and easy to store in a pocket or purse. To install it, the camera screwed into the top of the phone to ensure that images can be captured accurately from places like a moving car or even roller coaster.

Glif is a tripod that is specially designed for iPhones.
It allows an individual to take sharp and breathtaking pictures without worrying about small movements. One common problem with phone cameras is that it’s very easy to create movement that in turn makes a picture fuzzy. Another great panorama camera is known as the Kogeto. It’s a gadget that will actually snap onto the back of the phone to capture the anticipated images. When this is paired with the “looker” app, a cell phone user has the ability to view the images on their screen by swiping to different areas of the actual panorama. This is a great way for viewers to actually see the whole area of a certain place where the picture was taken. The Factron Quattro makes professional photographers think twice about purchasing a large DSLR camera. This device includes a wide range of abilities including a wide lens and fish eye. The device is actually a case for the iPhone so it’s attached quite securely. It will take some of the best pictures without even trying. Cameras have advanced tremendously with the growth of the smart phone industry. More individuals have turned to their phones rather than a bulky camera to capture special moments in their lives. It has proved to be a convenience rather than packing around multiple items.


Make special screen come, deal with, print printing of one specially

In industrial application, silk screen printing factory can face some non- ordinary requirements frequently, peculiar surface configuration, size, fiber, material make up, and this screen print numerous one fraction test, processing factory face just. Whether the silk can become the first-selected way in industrial application to print, depend on whether it could meet these requirements, this will bring the equivalent profit to the manufacturer too.

Seal a not data plate, oven faceplate or film switch 96223767 produced in batches most difficult to print in industrial application, but control panel and box. But level metal parts, control panel and other the intersection of heavy industry and functionality of assembly than getting ornamental and conspicuous, pattern too relatively simple, 1-2 the intersection of trade mark and structure of color usually, nearly all kinds of product this come polishing or blow the sand, process into through metallize. What is seal one of the really unusual and challenge silk screen printing factory on earth? It should be a print picture on the bolt, insert, trap door, protrusion, first class outstanding surface of socket.

The traditional printing method can’t meet the printing requirements of these products, but the modified silk can well solve these problems to print technology. Generally, there are 3 kinds of main printing ways of warning the slogans in the commercial installation: Pad printing, pasting the ceramic decalcomania paper or screen printing directly. Ink jet printing, computer wash imaging, etches and can also consider, but unwise.

Technology of pad printing

As to the irregular surface, print the association of dealers and consider pad printing at first. However, in most situations, pad printing is not the good solution. Though the suitable curved surface of pad printing is printed, must be a concave and convex face levelled that it demands to bear and print the surface of things, so to the industrial articles that we said, pad printing was not applicable. Moreover, the printing breadth and quantity of pad printing can’t meet the requirement for this kind of printed matter.

The plate change cost of pad printing is another question, the silk screen can be kept for a long time and utilized again, but pad printing printing plate life time is only probably 12 months. Generally speaking, pad printing is only suitable for printing the embossed surface levelled, and unsuitable to print form, button, switch,etc., so, the industrial application discussing as to here is unsuitable.

Ceramic decalcomania paper

Printing trader’s regular meeting chooses the making that the ceramic decalcomania paper finishes some printed matters without very good solution. As to bear, print thing is can until the ceramic decalcomania paper male mold cut out the opening together often while being external while being special, in order to abdicate the special external position, or use many small-scale ceramic decalcomania paper in order to avoid the special surface.

The silk is printed, the mould is cut and the high-quality decalcomania paper to such small products which print quantity, it is a kind of cost that is wasted. Even if adopt the number to print, the model cuts the apparatus, the cost is still considerable, and unable to ensure the quality of products. In addition, it is not usually takedown once ceramic decalcomania paper is applied to the Console or instrument and equipment, make the ceramic decalcomania paper limited on adjustability like this. Because while using the ceramic decalcomania paper, no matter which kind of adhesive you use must use the fixed equipment of the rivet. In another aspect, there is not this worry in the direct printing label.

Screen print

Screen print, seem not to be fit for this kind of job. Because the screen will be born on the protruding surface which print the thing and exposed, even the protruding surface is not sharp, the screen will present the screen and relax or draw and deform picture and text too when exposed to with it. The problem lies in how to overcome this question.

It is the key to solving this problem to make appropriate screen. Method to reserve cavity, with bearing and printing things and fully keeping in touch during printing screen of enabling in the intersection of screen and corresponding place. But such revision will make the printing course become and produce manually, quality and size resulting in printing the picture are apt to change, so, the printing quantity of these products require less than 1000, even is lower than 100.

Printing equipment

Just as above-mentioned, when screen printing the ornamental craft used for products manually, need to standardize the printing equipment, mainly follow some following requirements:

1. Accurate positioning;

2. Guarantee it is fixed on screen system that the screen is stable;

3. Guarantee it is accurate that the lifting gear of the screen hoists or lower the position;

4. Printing a system can accept the device of different rules is allocated.

In most printing factories, these parameters of the printer are according to being used to the self-defining ink eraser.

Install one or more of ink erasers in a printing unit. These chasings demand to have appropriate tool-holder, M moderate hardness and chasing blade. If need to use the soft chasing (such as the surface of printing wrinkle, it is crooked and too big to choose the rigid work bar soon in order to avoid the blade.


Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate promoting play a significant role within the current era by promoting a variety of e-commerce web site and business within the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. this can be the one quickest industry on the web. Promoting on the net is actually a brand new exhortation in the city and each brave seller wish to check the drive is as their enough analysis to indicate that promoting is future and unquestionably it’s rising at a speedy pace. However, until the top most of individuals, even in promoting mangers still associate unacquainted affiliate promoting. However, each on-line seller is aware of what truly affiliating promoting and the way it’s work. Through it you’ll be able to earn additional simply and it’s the sole job that offers you full freedom to figure sitting in your space. To try and do all you would like maybe a laptop computer and web affiliation. Once you recognize “What is affiliate marketing?” you’ll be able to begin to contemplate whether or not it’s an honest plan of action for your business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate promoting may be a technique or observe within which alternative business, organization, websites or maybe individual promote alternative people’s or company’s product on their WebPages or blogs and build rewarding or advantages for them. In easy words, we are able to outline affiliate promoting may be a method wherever you receive a commission on the sale of product you advocate on-line through your blogs and websites or generating commission by advertising alternative brands on your own website.

To be a sensible affiliate, you all ought to promote alternative organization product, by mistreatment totally different methodology like mistreatment special codes, links and flies to trace the advertiser’s sale. To trace the complete sale in correct manner, affiliate network play very important role, they supply chase code to affiliates, time, date, and click on specific pages and summery of commission attained.

You can conjointly build cash through affiliate promoting for that you just ought to work with professionals once you’ll be able to outline affiliate promoting. {You must you want to you ought to} need to understand the foremost common mistakes whereas doing promoting on the net. Though doing promoting on the web isn’t a giant deal you simply ought to bit along with your affiliate container and smart affiliate network. Within the current time affiliate promoting may be a good spot to earn financial gain while not taking extra risk, while not having own product and build cash by promoting product for earning commissions. Nowadays here I’m value-added few steps, by adopted these all steps you’ll be able to earn commission through


Logitech V450 Cordless Laser Notebook Mouse Review

I recently got to try the Logitech V450 Cordless Laser Notebook mouse due to my work letting me order a few in for my PC workbench. I was trying to cut down on cable clutter, as I can have several laptops on the bench at one time and I have enough cords (power, ethernet) that are already in the way.

I decided on this mouse over several other notebook mice for a few reasons.

First of all, this mouse is the only wireless notebook mouse Logitech makes at the time of this writing that is Laser.

Secondly, it is a standard RF mouse and has infinite compatibility with any kind of computer (Mac, Linux, Windows) without the need for special drivers or Bluetooth.

The benefits also don’t stop there. Since this is an RF mouse, the battery life (on the included 2xAA batteries) is claimed to be “up to one year”. I haven’t had this model long enough to test that claim, but it hasn’t ran out of batteries yet. Laser mice tend to draw less power than optical in general, though. The unit automatically shuts itself off if you store the receiver in the mouse, it also has a power button on the underside.

The mouse is small, almost too small for comfortable use for prolonged periods of time, but it works great for what I use it for. If you ever need to travel with a mouse, you want it to be as small as possible, and this one succeeds at that. It comes with an extremely small receiver (pictured) that slides into the underside of the mouse for easy storage. The USB receiver does stick out the side of your laptop, though, albeit a very small amount. It is very easy to lose it.

Additionally, the benefit of laser mice in this form factor is versatility in handling the variety of weird surfaces (glass, glossy wood, etc) you might encounter while traveling that throw off the sensor on even the best optical mice. Laser mice don’t have nearly the amount of tracking issues on these surfaces.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the unit, other than a few small complaints. I am eager to see if Logitech releases a Bluetooth version of this mouse at some point.


Great battery life

Works on many surfaces optical mice can’t

Great compatibility



No Bluetooth – Receiver takes up a USB port and sticks out

People with adult-sized hands may find it to be too small

No carrying case


Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse Review

This review of the Logitech G7 Laser Cordless was born out of necessity… a need for a new mouse due to me going insane from the last one. My trusty Logitech MX1000, after about a million left-clicks, started having issues with the left mouse button randomly dropping out while I was in the middle of a drag operation in Windows, and was losing me files and email in the process into who-knows-which folder. It was time for something new before I ended up throwing it against a wall. It had a good run and will receive a proper burial.

Since Logitech no longer makes the MX1000, I had to find a newer mouse, my only real requirements were that it was wireless, laser (not optical) based, not insanely expensive, and that it had a rechargeable battery. I ended my search with the Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse (, ~$79 retail).

As far as design is concerned, the Logitech G7 is less like the MX1000 and more like the G5 and MX900 series, which are more form-fitting for larger hands. I have long fingers, so it seems to work pretty well for me. It’s black with a sort of pseudo-carbon fiber checkered pattern on the top. There is a battery door underneath with a quick-release eject button (more on why this is used a lot later).

The Logitech G7 has a few buttons more than a standard mouse, the scroll wheel, which can rock left or right to click things, and a side button that activates the “Back” button in most browsers (I’m unsure why there isn’t a “forward” button next to it like on most of these mice, but I’m sure a reason exists somewhere… Logitech?). Additionally, there are two buttons below the scroll wheel marked + and -. These adjust the DPI sensitivity of the mouse. The highest setting is 2000DPI, and a LED that doubles as a battery meter on the mouse shows you when you adjust it by denoting a little running man with a meter next to him. The other settings are 400DPI and 800DPI. I found leaving the mouse on the middle setting (800 DPI) was good enough for me. Not too fast, not too slow. I suppose if I were gaming a lot, I’d like the higher DPI setting.

The mouse also includes a very small USB RF receiver. The battery charger is separate, and takes up another USB port. You can plug the charger in via USB and plug the RF receiver into the on board USB port on the charger if you wish, also. Two batteries are included.

On to the battery itself: This mouse eats batteries for breakfast, lunch and a light snack before dinner. On average, my Logitech MX1000 lasted around a week on a single charge. I’m lucky if I get two days worth of average computer use out of the battery in the Logitech G7 Laser. Normally I’d be pretty ticked about this, but they include two batteries with the device just for this reason, I think. When the battery dies, you can swap the dead battery into the charger and be back up and running in a few seconds. It takes about 3 hours to charge properly, there’s also a “burst charge mode” on the charger if you want quicker charging for immediate use, which I’ve never tried.

Overall, this is a pretty darn good mouse that I’d recommend for anyone looking for a better-than-average mouse with great tracking, especially for a wireless model. It works on many different types of surfaces due to the laser sensor, even glossier stuff that optical mice can’t track on. Don’t hesitate to buy one if you’re looking for a mouse in this price range.


Making the Most of Press Releases

As a business you often have to release press releases to inform news sites and bloggers of your latest news. This can be announcements of new products for sale, changes in important people within the company or even awards that have been won. They can be comments on news that have been put out, but in short they are a way to get your statement out into the world of the internet and have news about your company not only potentially on the news websites but actually in print.

This is of course good for advertising and done right it will get more attention for the news you are trying to propagate. One thing it must also do though is be used for SEO, back linking and exposure of your company. Press releases are more important than just the information that they are providing they also provide the press/blogger with keywords and connections to your company and your desired pages on your own site.

The use of Press Releases
The first thing to do is of course to get the content right. This is important as it not only has to be good quality but presented in a way that entices the press and potential readers to actually take notice. Keywords must be added to this for SEO purposes, to get the attention of the search spiders that will be crawling over the internet to find important pages. These important pages will of course be the “news items” that have been created by using your press release, and if the keywords that you have placed within the release are being used this will of course find their attention.

Remember that this press release will no doubt be on your site too, so be sure to use media that will entice the reader to visit the page for the information. Use SEO friendly images and videos to add to the statement and above all make sure that everything that is included is done to a professional standard. Press releases are above all some of the most important announcements that you can make and all eyes will be on these so that information can be pulled out of them. This is of course why the information must be there. Remember also that after the main announcement you must provide details for the editors with information about your company and any other company/product that has been mentioned within. These areas are also good to provide the excuse to add keywords too remember, which will be keywords connected to the subject at hand.

Press releases have one important goal in the end and that is to share news that will be propagated by many people of both the press and the blogger world, and never forget the use of social media to share the news. Catch the readers interest and sell yourself in it, be sure to not oversell though, there is of course a balance. The people you are aiming the information at read these things every day and often go over the information with a fine-toothed comb, so be sure to make it truthful. The important factors are, just like with any other SEO friendly piece of content, make it quality, to the point, do not stray off topic and be sure to catch the eye of your audience.


Making Smartphone and Tablet Apps Useful for Bloggers

Just as Smartphones and Tablets are here to stay and are shaping the technological world in all new ways, so is the blogger when it relates to news, on all subjects. Journalism is having to adapt to the fact that the written word is not only in physical form now and more and more people are gaining a voice through the use of the internet.

One of the most interesting aspects of this though is the way that technology has not only aided the so called “blogger” but has changed based on their needs. Tablets and Smartphones have becomes invaluable tools for bloggers and journalists alike. If the blogger wants to get a quick image to go with their latest post it’s just a tap on the phone, then to open up an app and add the image to their blog. This means that news can be put up on the site literally as it happens, and not in just written form or using images but also video.

The Changing World of Media
The question of course is, if you are a blogger how do smartphones and tablets aid you? The answer as hinted above is that your blog is with you wherever you go. WordPress as an example has apps for most popular Operating systems and based on the phone or the tablet environment can offer different levels of functionality.

It’s not hard to realise that the tablet is of course the best environment to work on the blog (if not on a laptop of course). It provides a screen with more space, it provides the developer of the app with more functionality and more importantly it’s easier to type on. This means that the blogger can relax in any environment and write their blog. They can save it as a draft, in case they want to format it on their main computer, or if it’s something that has to be posted immediately they can do this. The blogger also has access to their comments and other important areas, even statistics if this has been set up correctly.

Blogging, or even controlling a website through WordPress or another CMS style interface is something that is still developing and growing. As more and more people join in and come up with things to blog about then they will need different way to do so. To make blogging available in a mobile form and one that has an easy interface to use is the key to part of the future, and essential to keep things inventive and creative. The internet has also been a tool that pushes innovation so as tablets and phones get better and better, so will the ability of the bloggers to share their experiences and views.

Bloggers and blogging is something that will shape the media of the future and this will lead to many changes and this will of course lead to many questions of how credible are the words of these people. Until these questions are raised and the world of blogging becomes more controlled and in ways more credible technology will still help push it into the future and it’s fair to say that smartphones and more importantly tablets will help the move into this future.


Zuckerberg Crowdsource’s His New Year’s Resolution

Facebook CEO turned billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is not your average guy, which is why some of his New year resolutions are enough to leave many of people in shame. Recently, the entrepreneur announced via a post on his public profile about new ideas for his New Year’s resolution.

In the post Zuckerberg writes, “for background, every year I take on a challenge to broaden my perspective and learn something about the world beyond my work at Facebook…At our last town hall Q&A, someone asked me what my challenge will be for the new year and I said I’d love ideas from our community. I have an idea of what my next challenge might be, but I’m open to more ideas before the New Year officially begins.”

While many have suggested that the entrepreneur donate his wealth to the poor and homeless, few know that Zuckerberg has already made the same pledge as billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, which is to pledge a major portion of their wealth to philanthropic causes in what’s called the ‘Giving Pledge.’ Apart from that, Zuckerberg hasn’t been known to shy away from donating his wealth to the poor in the past. The entrepreneur has previously donated $100 million to the Newark Public Schools program which helps educate children from underprivileged neighborhoods and has also recently donated $25 million to find a cure for Ebola after the latest outbreak. Zuckerberg also made it to the top of the philanthropist list of 2013, after he donated an astonishing $960 million to various charities and foundations around the world.

After the post, suggestions have been pouring in as to what challenges mark should take on in 2015, from suggestions of deleting all those who invite FB users to a game of Candy Crush to trying to learn how to play the accordion, along with the usual jokes and snide remarks.

In the past, Zuckerberg has had a pretty good record at taking on personal challenges, like learning how to speak Mandarin. Last year, Zuckerberg held one of his Q&A sessions in Mandarin. So keeping that in mind, this year Zuckerberg will really need to up the bar. The post is available to FB users and makes for a good read. The post has over 40,000 comments along with 99,200 likes so there are a lot of suggestions for those who can’t figure out what to challenge themselves with during the New Year. Our suggestion to Mark Zuckerberg is to spend a lot of money on buying many many servers since Facebook pages are loading a bit slow lately.