Partners & Endorsements

ommitted nations, states, or organizations are actively implementing the Global Campaign against IEDs within their countries or are providing direct material support for country-specific or global-level implementation efforts.








Afghanistan Rights Monitor


IEDs kill and maim hundreds of innocent people and this a clear violation of all war laws


Gender Right Advancement and Development

Gender Rights Advancement and Development (GRAND) is proud to be a committed organizational partner for Nigeria in the Global Campaign against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). The Executive Director of GRAND was actively involved in the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme. GRAND also participated in the Partners International Foundation’s (PIF) initial assessment of Nigeria’s IED situation in 2010. The report from this assessment accurately predicted the resurgence of IEDs in Nigeria before it happened. Had some attention been paid to the report, it is likely much of the current instability and loss of lives would have been avoided.

PIF’s approach neutralizes existing IED networks and prevents new ones from forming. It is a long overdue solution. Using this approach, we are currently collaborating on a proposal with PIF to reintegrate former militants in the Niger Delta. If our proposal is adopted it will consolidate the peace in the region. We strongly encourage nations, organization and communities to join and fully support the Global Campaign against IEDs.

Nigeria has had some harrowing experiences from IEDs in recent times.





Endorsing organizations provide material and non-material support for the on-going operations of the Global Campaign against IEDs and/or endorse PIF’s approach as having highly significant merit.

Blinded Veterans Association


The Blinded Veteran’s Association (BVA) fully endorses and supports Partners International Foundation’s (PIF) Global Campaign against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). As the only Veteran’s Service Organization (VSO) congressionally chartered to represent war blinded veterans BVA continues to raise awareness of the serious impact of IEDs on Veterans. Hearing loss from IED blasts impacted 79,000 service members with approximately 90% of them from explosions according to the Veteran’s Administration. It is third most common injury from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), only behind Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for which IEDs are also the major cause. Vision injuries are fourth. Of the approximately 4,970 penetrating wounds over 80% are from IED’s making those devices the leading cause of severe eye injuries from OIF and OEF. Over 8,425 suffered retinal injuries caused by blasts with some occurring months after repeated exposure. Vision researchers are concerned over growing numbers of veterans having long term vision complications that will impact them and the caregivers for decades. DOD estimates the total number of all eye injured to be 56,000 and growing.

Approximately 34% of those injured by blasts suffer duel sensory loss of vision and hearing. As PIF correctly points out, IED injury related statistics are likely much higher for civilian populations effected by IED attacks globally. In this regard, the investment in Defense Vision Trauma Research (DVTR) will produce treatments that will directly transfer to the public. For this reason PIF’s partnered holistic and comprehensive approach is timely and essential. The BVA looks forward to supporting this effort by leading the efforts in our area.



AMVETS (American Veterans)


On behalf of AMVETS (American Veterans), a leader since 1944 in preserving the freedoms secured by America’s armed forces and providing support for Veterans, Active Duty military, the National Guard/Reserves and their families, [AMVETS] would like to express our unqualified support of the Global Campaign against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and their work.

We are currently working in collaborative partnership with the Global Campaign against IED’s in its efforts to eliminate the IED threat and properly treat and support veterans who are IED victims. We fully support their work in this important area and highly encourage Congress and the applicable federal Agencies to do so as well.

AMVETS is one of the largest veteran service organizations in the country, as well as one of the authors of the Independent Budget, AMVETS . Since 1944 AMVETS has been at the forefront of public policy related to military and veteran issues and national defense



The Graffiti of War Project


The Graffiti of War Project fully endorse the Global Campaign against IEDs. Through this effort, Partners International Foundation (PIF) is drawing much needed attention to IEDs as a global threat that requires a global community solution.  The Global Campaign’s work in highlighting the invisible wounds from IEDs suffered by military and civilian alike is significant. The Graffiti of War project focuses on this component through its mission to use art created by service members, civilians and local nationals to raise national awareness for those suffering the invisible wounds from IEDs such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. With over 2 million combat veterans and growing, this mental healthcare issue (with a significant relationship to IEDs) is quickly becoming an epidemic. Unfortunately, the overburdened and underfunded VA Healthcare System cannot keep up. The impact on military and civilian IED victims throughout the world is even greater. We call on all Veteran, Humanitarian and Private Sector organizations to support the Global Campaign against IEDs and for the governments of the world to join it as well.



Veterans Association of America


The Veterans Association of America (VAA) fully endorses the Global Campaign against IEDs. The Global Campaign will reduce the IED threat by eliminating the root causes IED networks form and function. This will, in turn, dramatically reduce the number of Veterans, their Families, and civilians forced to endure the lasting effects as IED victims or their caregivers. The VAA is a proud partner executing its supporting mission to serve, assist, revitalize and restore the preferential rights of veterans that have been routinely compromised. We service those needs by providing legal assistance, housing, employment opportunities, business ownership, discharge upgrades, medical assistance, family outreach, and other pressing issues that stand as debilitating factors preventing veterans and their families from receiving the “quality care” deserved throughout mainstream society. We join our colleagues in calling on the United States and all governments of the world to support the Global Campaign, and for organizations to join us in supporting it.



Rolling Thunder, Inc.


The Global Campaign has our full support and endorsement for all their efforts and we call on Congress to support this important work; other veterans to join; and private sector partners and donors to support it. Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is honored to be working with BVA, AMVETS, and other Global Campaign participants in these efforts.



Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America


We are currently working in partnership with the Global Campaign against IEDs in its efforts to eliminate the global IED threat and support IED victims while we focus on our core mission to support veterans, service members and their families. The Global Campaign has our support for its efforts and we call on Congress to support this important work as well. IAVA is honored to be working with Blinded Veterans Association, AMVETS and other Global Campaign participants in these efforts.

On behalf of our entire IAVA membership, we deeply appreciate your leadership and dedication to our nation’s service members, veterans, and families.





St Louis Fire Department


On behalf of the over 1,000 members of the St. Louis Fire Department I would like to extend our unqualified support to the Global Campaign against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and especially House Resolution 190: Condemning the April 15, 2013, IED attacks in Boston, Massachusetts and calling upon the United States Government, the governments of all nations, the United Nations, and other international organizations to renounce the use of IEDs and take actions to stop their proliferation.
Dennis M. Jenkerson, Fire Chief, City of St. Louis 


Representative Charles Rangel


Not only do IEDs cause great harm to our service members, but these destructive weapons are also killing women and children at an alarming rate. It is the responsibility of Congress to enact laws that protect innocent civilians, as well as our military service members. I applaud the efforts of advocacy organizations such as the Global Campaign Against IED for raising awareness to this important issue.
Congressman Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.), United States Congress 




GovSec 2012 supports Partners International Foundation and the Global Campaign Against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). We are doing our part to endorse this work and expand the dialogue on IEDs by providing Partners International Foundation with conference sessions, such as ‘The Global IED Epidemic: Much More than just a Military Problem, only at GovSec 2012!’


Kansas African Studies Center, Kansas University

[Partners International Foundation] has a long history of implementing successful development projects around the world, particularly in Africa. PIF takes a unique approach to combat the spread of IEDs around the world … PIF seeks to strengthen the rule of law while promoting sustainable development to interdict the IED cycle.