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This is my speech, it needs to be 5 minutes long but it’s one or two minutes too short. Help?

The Kindle Fire is the best tablet on the market because it’s the cheapest of its kind. Nook Tablet? $250. iPad? $500 but you won’t be paying those outragous prices for a Kindle Fire. Nope. It’s only $200.

Some people would say two-hundered dollars for a brand new product? Nah too risky. But I’d say to wing it on this product because like I said, it’s cheap and it has lots of features, you can watch movies, TV shows, add apps, read books, and magazines, add songs, and you get a free month of Amazon’s Prime feature which gives free two day shipping. How’s this new product looking now?

Did I mention that the Kindle Fire comes with a FREE one year warrarnty that covers any accidental damage? Apple’s Apple Care warrarnty for the iPad only comes with a 90 day free warranty. The Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet only has free help in store. For the Fire you call them, which is much more convient.

I mean, if there’s no Barnes and Noble around you, who wants to drive HOURS just to get it fixed?!

We’ve discussed the basics and the warranty. Now let’s get into the good stuff: Storage space. Everyone wants a lot of elbow room. You don’t want to add ten books and then have to delete them one by one because your tablet doesn’t have enough space.

But then again, you don’t want to have too much space that you’ll never use, it’d be a waste of money. It’s like buying a three bedroom apartment for ONE person. The Kindle Fire holds 8 giga bytes of things. That means 6,000 books, 80 apps, 10 movies, or 800 songs.

The Apple iPad has 16 Giga bytes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but look what the Kindle can hold. You’d never use that much space on an iPad.
The battery life on the Kindle Fire is AWESOME, you can read a book for eight hours straight and watch video for 7.5. It beats the Apple iPad, its battery only lasts 10 hours, the kindle all together can last 15.5 hours on a single charge.

The iPad screen may be larger, but when it comes to portibility, the Kindle Fire just killed it. I can fit my Kindle Fire in my coat pocket, still in its case with no problem. An iPad however is very large, coming in with a 9.7 inch screen, a Kindle fire is only 7 which makes it easier to carry, in a pocket, in a purse, pretty much wherever. An iPad needs a large container like a breifcase or a purse.

Still not convinced? Okay, I understand warrarenties, space, battery life, and portibility aren’t enough. An iPad 2 ships in about three weeks. A Kindle Fire take about one or two.

Who wants to pay $500 and then wait for three weeks?! Sorry, but if I pay that much for something I want it pretty quickly.

Also, Apple products have been out since the 1980′s and they’ve NEVER ran flash, and they stilld don’t. But the Kindle Fire does. Some people think that Adobe Flash Player is dead and you don’t need it anymore, but the truth is you DO. One of the websites we use right here at school, Coolmath, uses Flash on their games. I’d be able to access those with my Kindle, but not with my iPad.

Apple has an iCloud feature that syncs your pictures, apps, and data automatically to your computer, well, so does the Kindle. And it’s better. Way better because I can buy a Kindle book on Amazon, and a second later I can turn on my Kindle and see if it’s on there, and it’ll either be downloading it, or it’s already there. Amazon’s iCloud feature is SUPER fast. Also, if I accidentally delete one of my books, it’ll still be stored in the Cloud so you can just sync it back onto your Kindle, without ever touching a computer.

So there’s just a couple of reasons Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the best tablet, in review I’ve told you about its price, battery life, basics, its Cloud feature, its portibility, and space.

Still not convinced? Just remember the price, warranty, and its space, The Kindle Fire is all worth it in the end.


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