Campaign Objectives

The IED has become a very effective weapon for those who advance their cause through terror and violence. If you exclude Iraq and Afghanistan, there are on average, three IED incidents each day in the remainder of the world. In 2010 these IEDs killed and wounded 7747 civilians. This amounts to a global epidemic of IED use. Military-focused solutions to this problem have not been and likely will not be successful. A global more holistic approach is required.

ApproachThe Campaign’s objective is to reduce the use of IEDs at a global level by (1) neutralizing local IED networks and (2) preventing new, effective IED networks from forming. Our approach consists of three core elements using public, private, and military efforts where appropriate. The first element is locally led focusing on the socio-economic, cultural, and other root causes of IED activities. This embraces the whole community addressing the root causes of militancy, extremism and violence producing an environment that does not tolerate IEDs. The second core element treats IEDs as a crime under international law. This effectively moves IED use from a military problem to a law enforcement problem emphasizing the crime rather than the attacker’s political motivations. The third and last core element is fact-based information campaigns at global and local levels. These campaigns comprise balanced and objective reporting of IED incidents, social media that engages local civil and military populations as integral components of the solution, and an education component that emphasizes effective alternatives to terror and violence.

OutcomesAs a long-term effort our approach will be refined over time based on experience, evolved best-practices, and input from the community. A successful application of our approach will:

  1. Eliminate the advantage perpetrators receive from using IEDs;
  2. Coordinate public-private efforts to eliminate IED network support while building sustainable livelihoods for local populations;
  3. Shift the primary responsibility for IED incidents from the military to the community by enforcing the rule of law; and
  4. Be locally based, led, and owned by the local population.

Initial EffortsOur initial effort will focus on defining and implementing the core elements of our approach as a pilot in a selected country. This effort will be composed of the following tasks:

  1. Summit meetings that bring together the global community to define, coordinate, and plan the core elements of our approach including the measures of effectiveness that will be used to evaluate success;
  2. Identify the pilot country and secure participant commitment;
  3. Deploy the pilot project; and
  4. Review of the pilot project adjusting strategy and tactics with a plan to expand the program to other pilot country locales.

We are seeking to leverage support and resources from the public and private sectors in a manner benefitting all parties. Contacts from those willing to support the Global Campaign against IEDs are encouraged.