The Campaign Logo

With assistance from The Graffiti of War Project, one of our Global Campaign partners, Michael Figueroa, a combat veteran in their program designed the official logo of the Global Campaign against IEDs.

We’re honored to have the symbol of this global effort designed by a member of a project helping our wounded warriors.

The campaign logo consists of the world supported by people, symbolizing the Global Campaign’s core principle that IEDs are a global problem affecting everyone and they can only be defeated by mobilizing the global community to eliminate the root causes of IED networks; bring those responsible to justice; and share information through “the wisdom of the crowd.”   The stylized use of “IED” lettering represents the disruptive effects IEDs have on global peace, security, sustainability and development.  The lettering style for the Global Campaign emphasizes how this approach reduces or eliminates those disruptions.  The red in the logo highlights the devastating effects IEDs have on all people of the world regardless of race, religion, gender, or ideology.


About the Artist

Michael T. “Fig” Figueroa was born in Racine Wisconsin in 1981.

For Fig art has been a life-long pursuit, starting when he was old enough to hold a crayon or pencil. He credits his art skills to both his mother (Valtricia), his biological Father (Ramon Martinez) and his father (Alfonso Figueroa). Fig’s mother was an avid artist in her own right and with his father she nurtured Michael’s talent at home and through art classes. By his grade school years Fig was drawing pictures to  trade with friends and others for cookies and toys.  Fig’s art was a catalyst for many childhood friendships that continue to this day

In his youth, Fig’s family moved a lot and his art became an outlet for the time when he had few friends and had to start anew. When he moved to Sycamore, IL and in Junior High School, Fig would draw by himself. Soon other students began to see his talent and his reputation grew. This is when Fig had his first real art classes with Mrs. Long and Mr. Pesca. He flourished as an artist, winning the local “Lions Club” Peace Poster Contest 2 years in a row, making it to the state finals where he took 2nd place. In 8th grade Figs’s history teacher (Mr. Mannebach) gave him the chance to really express himself through art and paved the way for art as a career.

Fig’s experience in Boy Scouts inspired him to join the US Army. So when the US Army came to Fig’s school and told him he could go to any school of his dreams with his Army education funds, he joined immediately on Aug 3 1999.

During his Army career Fig first became a Bradley Linebacker Crewmember but his art skills made him stand out and kept him busy. In basic at Ft. Jackson, Fig was called on to work for his platoon. This continued through Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) at Fort Bliss El Paso, TX where he painted murals to earn “3 day passes.”

During his military career, Fig’s assignments included: 4/5 ADA, 1st Cav (Ft. Hood, TX). He was honorably discharged in 2002 at which time he joined the National Guard from which he was honorably discharged in 2004.

In 2005 Fig graduated from the American Academy of Art with a Bachelors degree of Fine Art (BFA), major in illustration.

Fig’s introduction to the Graffiti of War (GOW) Project came after tattooing another veteran who submitted her tattoo to the GOW. Based on this submission GOW invited Fig to be included in an upcoming book on military tattoos and tattoo artists.  His relationship with GOW continued until in 2012 he became the Digital Director of Design for the Project.

Fig is also a participant in the GOWs National Art Tour where he is creating paintings inspired by combat photographs submitted by those who have served in war.  Those who submit a photograph will receive, in return, a print of the painting inspired by there submission.

Fig’s current projects include a painting to be on permanent exhibit at the Purple Heart Hall of Honor in Orange County, New York and an invitation (with all expenses paid) from West Point to exhibit his work at the Academy on May 2nd 2012.

Fig can be reached at his website and on facebook.