Campaign Update 4 Mar 2012

In order to promote complete transparency of our actions, these updates will list organizations, companies, offices, and persons with which we have substantive interactions. These interactions do not represent formal endorsement of the Global Campaign against IEDs by these entities. Formal endorsements will be posted separately on our website as they are received.


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First, the response to our request for signatories on the letter to President Obama on IEDs is very promising. In just the short time the letter has been available for signature in Congressman Gallegly’s office, we already have commitments from Members representing the House Foreign Affairs Committee; House Ways and Means; House Armed Services Committee; House Veteran’s Affairs, and others.

Since hard copies of the requests were hand carried to each Member of the Senate and the House of Representatives as well as electronic copies distributed to all House and Senate Chiefs of Staff, quite a few House and Senate offices have shown interest and contacted Representative Gallegly’s office. We are very encouraged regarding obtaining more signatories in the near future and hope other in the House and Senate will join as  signatories.

Next, Rolling Thunder has joined the growing list of Veteran’s Organizations to endorse the Global Campaign against IEDs and committed to being a signatory on a VSO President’s letter to President Obama and Congress as well.

In addition, Brigadier General (P) Austin Miller, Deputy Director of the Department of Defense’s Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) will join our panel at GovSec On April 3, 2012 entitled: The Global IED Epidemic: Much More than A military Problem. If you wish to attend I’ll be happy to provide the details.

In our outreach we contacted Ambassadors of over 20 Foreign Governments in the United States as well as key members of the Nigeria Government with requests to meet regarding the Global Campaign and move toward the world’s first Global IED summit.

With assistance from The Graffiti of War Project as one of our Global Campaign partners, a combat veteran in their program designed what now has become the official logo (shown below) of the Global Campaign against IEDs.  We’re honored to have the symbol of this global effort designed by a member of a project helping our wounded warriors.



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