Make Use Of Grid System In Web Designing To Create Uniformity And Consistency

Grids can benefit you in web designing if you feel rigid in your designs. Grids are used by interior designers to design homes. City planners and print designers also make sue of grids. By making sue of grids to design your web page you can create a layout which looks right to the audience. Do not sue the grid to fill up space. If you decide to fill each square of the grid designing a web page can be a mundane task. You can make sue of the grid to organize the s pace which you have intelligently. You can use the grid in many ways to your advantage.

Making use of grids
You can add as many sub divisions which you need to the grid. Make sure that you do not add random lines after you have created the grid. You must place the elements on the grid line and ensure that they fit into the width and height of the grid lines. Most effective designs created by web designers make sue of the grid. Usually layout which is based on grids is more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the audience. It is more balanced than designs which are not based on grids. A grid will always lend a structure to your website and improve its usability.

Creating layouts
With the help of a grid you can easily decide on the height and width of the different elements on the page. You will come across grids which break a design into horizontal rows. A grid is ideal for both fluid and fixed width layouts. Select a grid system which caters to your requirements. Do not make sue of a 20 column grid system when you need only 4 columns. Make sure that you avoid visual clutter in the designs which you create.

Spacing elements easily Some grids will allow you to work on a horizontal baseline while the other will not. If you are working with a grid system which doesn’t you can create your own horizontal rows so that spacing of elements is easy. At times you must experiment by stepping outside the grid. Mostly in header and footer designs you may have to step out of the grid. If its integral to your design you can consider stepping out of the grid. If you have a pre-designed grid you can consider using it for spacing elements of the web design.

Creating unique designs With the help of a grid you can build a strong structure of your design. With the help of the grid system you can create consistency and familiarity in your web design. Using a grid system does not mean that your designs will have to boring. In responsive web design you will have to create unique designs and grid systems will help you to achieve that. A grid system will enable you to come up with creative and fresh designs which lead to success of the web page. With the help of this series of horizontal and vertical lines you can arranger content in a more readable and manageable way.

Attaining consistency in design
Without the use of grid it may be difficult to achieve the right level of consistency in your design. You will find CSS grid frameworks easily on the web. A grid system can be very useful in the build and development stages of a web site. You can design in right proportions and strike the right balance between the different elements in web design. The grid system you choose should be flexible so that you can easily design different parts of the website. Add a sense of uniformity to the site by making use of the right grid system.

Lee Keating is a successful web designer who feels that grid play an important role in web designing. In few of the best websites which he has designed he has made use of grids to space elements and add uniformity.


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