Making Smartphone and Tablet Apps Useful for Bloggers

Just as Smartphones and Tablets are here to stay and are shaping the technological world in all new ways, so is the blogger when it relates to news, on all subjects. Journalism is having to adapt to the fact that the written word is not only in physical form now and more and more people are gaining a voice through the use of the internet.

One of the most interesting aspects of this though is the way that technology has not only aided the so called “blogger” but has changed based on their needs. Tablets and Smartphones have becomes invaluable tools for bloggers and journalists alike. If the blogger wants to get a quick image to go with their latest post it’s just a tap on the phone, then to open up an app and add the image to their blog. This means that news can be put up on the site literally as it happens, and not in just written form or using images but also video.

The Changing World of Media
The question of course is, if you are a blogger how do smartphones and tablets aid you? The answer as hinted above is that your blog is with you wherever you go. WordPress as an example has apps for most popular Operating systems and based on the phone or the tablet environment can offer different levels of functionality.

It’s not hard to realise that the tablet is of course the best environment to work on the blog (if not on a laptop of course). It provides a screen with more space, it provides the developer of the app with more functionality and more importantly it’s easier to type on. This means that the blogger can relax in any environment and write their blog. They can save it as a draft, in case they want to format it on their main computer, or if it’s something that has to be posted immediately they can do this. The blogger also has access to their comments and other important areas, even statistics if this has been set up correctly.

Blogging, or even controlling a website through WordPress or another CMS style interface is something that is still developing and growing. As more and more people join in and come up with things to blog about then they will need different way to do so. To make blogging available in a mobile form and one that has an easy interface to use is the key to part of the future, and essential to keep things inventive and creative. The internet has also been a tool that pushes innovation so as tablets and phones get better and better, so will the ability of the bloggers to share their experiences and views.

Bloggers and blogging is something that will shape the media of the future and this will lead to many changes and this will of course lead to many questions of how credible are the words of these people. Until these questions are raised and the world of blogging becomes more controlled and in ways more credible technology will still help push it into the future and it’s fair to say that smartphones and more importantly tablets will help the move into this future.


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