Microsoft receives $ 5 for every phone sold HTC Android

For each sold HTC Android, Microsoft receives $ 5. The company earned more than the licensing of Windows 7 Phone! The wars between manufacturers to blow filings have become a commonplace to the point where we no longer know who attacked whom. You may recall that Microsoft had attacked HTC. In reality, Android as a whole is concerned and therefore all manufacturers. HTC, the situation seemed to be resolved with the release of Windows mobile Phone 7. But in reality, an agreement was reached between both parties quietly, for a license of $ 5 is given for each Android smartphone sold.

If we look at overall sales, HTC had sold around 30 million smartphones since launching the platform from Google. Leaving our calculator, we see that Microsoft has won nearly 150 million dollars! Now compare this figure to 2 million smartphones sold Windows Phone 7. As a reminder, only third party manufacturers provide phones (not yet in Microsoft Phone WP7). However, they must pay a license of $ 15 (excluding negotiations). Let’s start again our calculator, which gives us a total of about 30 million. Comparing these two figures, Microsoft wins five times while watching the Android phone sales rise, by selling its own operating system! Do not forget under WP7 phones from HTC, which makes this a very good builder client for the Redmond giant.

According to a Citi analyst, Microsoft will now seek a license between $ 7.50 and $ 12.50 for each phone Android sold to other manufacturers. But the recent shock Barnes & Noble (creator of Nook) vs. Microsoft, the license will be sought even greater than that applied for mobile Phone Windows 7!

At the Nokia-Microsoft partnership many analysts said the deal was unofficially to combine the portfolios of patents of both companies. The stated objective is clearly to charge licenses to all competitors. There is no evidence so far officially this path, but it will watch closely the next filings.

Google does not require a license for his system, but the prices charged by manufacturers are not necessarily lower than the competition. Are these licenses – which are likely to multiply in the coming months – will raise prices?


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