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Top 10 Romantic Songs of all time: The term “Being romantic” comes with a different meaning to different people. Being romantic is nothing but an affectionate way to express your feeling in a very meaningful but unexpected way. Music plays a vital role in romance as it gives altogether a different feeling, a nostalgic atmosphere. You need to be sincere and creative while expressing your love for some one really special in your life. The presence of millions of romantic music with different ideas gives romance a new meaning which really heart is touching. The awesome melody of a romantic song makes it more beautiful and an ideal tool to express love and to dream for your loved one.


The galaxy of romantic songs consist lots of romantic music of different moods and tones. In this galaxy it is not only difficult but somewhat impossible to select the Top Ten romantic songs of all time. While making the list we realized that the list of good romantic songs is too large to mention. So the list mentioned is totally based on our personal choice .All of these songs are true representation of love for someone who is very special in your life.

Here we are giving list of romantic love songs of all time which are very popular for ages. Every people who can realize the feeling of love will prefer to hear these songs again and again.

1. I Will Always Love You
2. Everything I Do – I Do It for You
3. Gotta Have You
4. When you say nothing at all
5. Total Eclipse of the Heart
6. Bless the Broken Road
7. I Will Always Love You
8. My Heart Will Go On
9. I Want To Hold Your Hand
10. You Raise Me Up

Role of Romantic Songs in our life:

Romantic music posses the quality to set the mood and environment for love, which no other form of music can do. A romantic song is that category of song which is loved and cherished by people of all ages young or old. Whenever you want to set your plan for a wonderful romantic day, a romantic song as a back ground music will set the mood and you can truly enjoy the lovely romantic evening for which you were waiting so long. Most commonly we have seen these romantic songs are played especially on the romantic day named Valentine’s Day in each and every corner of the world. The love birds spent this special evening in the arms of their beloved along with a soft romantic song, which express the love for each other in a more expressive way.

Top Romantic Singers of all time

The singers are the main back bone behind making a romantic song more melodious. The greatest contribution towards a romantic music is by the singer for making it more popular among the listeners of the romantic movies. No one can ignore the contribution of the singer.
Some of the top romantic singers of all time:

1. Frank Sinatra
2. Dusty Springfield
3. Tom Jones
4. Rod Stewart
5. Francoise Hardy
6. Chrissie Hynde
7. Leonard Cohen
8. Curtis Mayfield
9. Isaac Hayes:
10. Nina Simone
11. Billie Holiday
12. Donna Summer
13. Marianne Faithfull

Here is the list of New Romantic Songs 2013 based on the choice and preference of us. The melodies of these songs are really awesome with unique essence of romanticisim. You will definitely love to hear them.
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The above list of Top Ten romantic songs of all time and Top best romantic songs of all time will provide you the list of all time best and hit romantic songs. You will love to hear them without any confusion. The list of the romantic songs will be updated soon. Keep listening these romantic songs and wait for the new updates on the romantic songs of all time.

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