Top Tips for Small Business SEO

Every business starts off small and has to build themselves up from somewhere so we’d thought we’d offer a few tips for start up, small businesses to have a look at that will help you if you didn’t already know.

Paper based directories and paper-ads are quickly diminishing and will soon be practically obsolete, with more people using mobile internet devices and computers it’s going to become a lot harder to gain the business you want from traditional directories. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to make an impact in the online market.

Switch to WordPress

This is one easy step you can make to excel your online business. WordPress is a fantastic online blogging platform. It offers a great basis for SEO, it’s constantly being updated, it’s very easy to use and search engines absolutely love it!

So if you’re setting up your very first site or have a current site, move them over to WordPress, with WordPress you really can’t go wrong, especially for SEO.


For those of you unfamiliar with blogging in terms of SEO I will give it a quick run down. Regular blogging is the easiest way to show Google that your site is up to date and has relevant quality content for visitors. Blog content that has a high keyword density for a keyword you want to rank for and make sure it is understandable and worth reading. Google and other search engines will reward this by giving your site more trust and in turn ranking it more highly in the SERPS for your SEO. Google is always crawling content, and it loves seeing new stuff so go ahead, get blogging!

Purchase a Premium domain name

Domains that are rich in keywords related to your site and niche tend to bring in a lot more traffic than irrelevant domain names with few keywords. Keyword rich domains provide an excellent base to build a site and SEO on to. The domain name is one of the first thing Google will crawl, and if it is relevant and including some top quality, heavy keywords e.g., then Google will weight the site that bit heavier and see it as more relevant further increasing your potential SERPS position. What is more URL’s like this are often easy to remember by people so your business name or URL can be based on by mouth of Facebook, etc and gain even more traffic. Also, if you decide that you want to close your business, you can always sell a premium domain name and make a large amount of money back depending on the domain name and the bidders.

Look for links

Try to message some of the other leaders in your industry or businesses niche and see if they will provide your site with links within the anchor text, etc from their site. Links from bigger companies to your site provide authority as well as traffic. In terms of SEO quality link building and relevant links to your site will show Google you are a trusted source giving your site more relevance and weight.

There are many other SEO and online marketing strategies that you can employ to increase your online impact, e.g. SEO Campaigns, however the above are just some rudimentary things that anyone can quite easily do to get themselves going in the Online market.

If you are still wanting to know more about helping your online small business, don’t forget to read this great Small Business SEO Guide.


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